Who we are
Nonprofit Consultancy based in Bonn, Germany

SYSTOPIA helps Nonprofit-Organisations do good things better. Our areas of expertise are Nonprofit-CRM, Organisational Development, IT consulting and Open Source Software. We focus on the implementation of CiviCRM, Redmine, Nextcloud and other Open Source software, pairing IT know-how with the ability to develop sensible organisational concepts.

Our team of five consists of IT experts as well as organisational development consultants and project managers. SYSTOPIA was founded in 2011, we are based in Bonn (Germany) and have been working with a number of German and European organisations. For a selection of our references, see click here.

CiviCRM Development and Customization
The most experienced CiviCRM agency in Germany

We offer full service CiviCRM implementations including data migration and imports, workshops and trainings ongoing support as well as custom code and extensions. Since 2011 we have succesfully implemented a considerable number of CiviCRM projects for a variety of German and European organisations.

We are the developers and maintainers of CiviBanking, CiviSEPA and Donationreceipts - three major extensions that enhance the capabilities of CiviCRM and adapt it to the needs of European organisations.

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Direct Debit Payments with CiviCRM

This extension integrates SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) into CiviCRM. It's the perfect way to manage direct debit payments in the whole EURo zone without having to resort to an expensive bureau. Please find detailled information on the CiviCRM Wiki-page on CiviSEPA.

For your basic SEPA requirements, simply download and install the extension from Github, read the documentation and you should be good to go. If you need to adapt or enhance CiviSEPA for your organisation's need, feel free to work on the code yourself or contact us for professional services.

CiviSEPA is also nicely integrated with the extension CiviBanking which offers a very sophisticated framework for importing bank account statements and matching the enclosed payments with contributions and contacts in CiviCRM.

Automated payment import and matching!

CiviBanking is a CiviCRM extension that aims at providing a framework to import and process bank transactions on one or more bank accounts. These can come from bank statements or other structured line item data or from an accounting system.

Please find detailed information on CiviBanking in the Documentation. In case you want to have a look at the code or get further information on releases or issues please visit the CiviBanking Github Page.

CiviCRM Donation Receipts
Flexible Creation of Donation Receipts for your Tax Authority

Issuing correct tax receipts for your donors is an important but sometimes painfully complex process. The receipts have conform with various legal requirements, copies have to be marked accordingly and, most importantly, the amounts have to be correct - otherwise your organisation might be held accountable for it.

As the existing approaches to handle donation receipts in CiviCRM did not fullfill the requirements of our customers, we develeloped a new extension featuring:

  • choose between receipting a single donation, or the annual bulk receipt
  • customizable template
  • selectable date range
  • export of receipts as pdf files or receipts data in csv format
  • seperate shipping and donor adresses possible
  • test run for generation of receipts available
  • easy to use configuration interface with customizable options
  • high-performance and reliabilty - this extension was designed for huge data sets

The development of the extension was initially funded by seven German organisations and has been in productive use since January 2015. It was published under a free license in late 2015.

Open Street Map
Free Geocoding with OSM

From within CiviCRM you can use a google service to geocode your addresses. However, if you have high standards of data protection google may not be your first choice to do that. In addition, there is a limit of querys per day that you can address to google's service - if you exceed it, you will have to use a costly service. With our OSM-Extension there is finally a free alternative for Geocoding with CiviCRM.

  • suitable for large datasets
  • enables CiviCRM's functions to search within a certain radius and to show contacts on map
  • easy configuration via the CiviCRM user interface
  • free to use Open-Source-Software

How it works

If you create or edit an address a hook will be used to pull the relevant geocodes from OSM. In addition, there is a scheduled job which you can use to geocode all uncoded addresses in CiviCRM.

A powerful and free project management tool

Redmine was first developed for IT projects and has become one of the most successful softwares of its kind. However, with its flexibility and abundance of features, it can well be adapted to other types of projects you might want to manage in your organisation. We support the implementation of Redmine in organisations through:

  • concept development and process analysis
  • migration support
  • deployment and customization
  • user and administrator training
Do you want to own your data, but still use cloud services?

Nextcloud is a platform for synchronisation and sharing of documents, pictures, calendars, contacts and more. It features mobile access, version control, photo galleries and collaborative editing, among others. SYSTOPIA is happy to help you get Nextcloud up and running for your organisation. We provide:

  • implementation and migration services
  • customization
  • user and administrator training
IT consulting
Let us make your IT work for you

In order to get the most out of your IT systems, their selection and development should be guided by strategic planning. Finding and deploying tools that really meet your needs, keeping costs on a reasonable level and data under your control is crucial. We support you by:

  • developing an IT strategy with you
  • aligning your processes with adequate IT systems
  • analysing requirements and selecting the right tools for you
  • managing IT projects
  • improving small organisations' data security level
Beyond IT
Organisational Development

We don't only focus on technical issues such as IT and software. Technology is not an end in itself, it is supposed to enable an organisation to work efficiently towards its vision, and to reach their goals. It is important to do so in line with the organisation's values and culture.

We believe that within any organisation, aims and strategy, structures, processes and technology are interconnected - which also implies that problems in one area will have an effect on other areas. As it is usually not possibly or reasonable to work on all areas at the same time, a professional and well-founded organisational analysis is required to identify the most relevant issues and develop approaches to work on them.

This is why, in addition to IT know-how, we have expertise in organisational development and non-technical aspects of knowledge and process management in Nonprofit-Organisations. We are thus able to provide unique services at the cross cutting field of technology, strategy and processes - in order to enable real change that is not only accepted by but designed and carried by the people of your organisation.

About Systopia

  • Professional services for CiviCRM, Redmine, Nextcloud and other Open Source Software
  • IT consulting
  • Organisational Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Process Management
  • Based in Germany - bound by strict German data protection laws
  • International Experience and Reliability
  • Working Languages: German, English, Spanish

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